Our Story

Our story starts with the love of T-Shirts with sarcastic and funny expressions. This went from searching and buying, to making when I couldn't find, and now selling after all the love shown from my designs. Welcome to HandTalk a wholly owned brand of Aezim LLC. Founded in 2021, our products are designed to bring joy and sometimes 'that look' from those that read and relate to them. Hand Talk will never intentionally bring products to market that cause harm to anyone. Hand gestures facilitate understanding. Our products are meant to express your mood at that time. 

We value every one of our customers and we love to celebrate them on social media. So please take a picture of your purchase and showcase it online so we can revel with you! Please follow us on social media @handtalktee. Please use #HANDTALKTEE on your post. With that said, we hope you enjoy our products. 

I would hate to leave without sharing a little something about myself. I want to share why I named the company Aezim. A lot of the credit goes to my brother-in-law. I have 3 sons. Aezim is an acronym of their names combined split into 3 parts, A-EZI-M. A is the first letter of all 3 of their names. EZI is the 2nd letter of their first names in order by age. M is the first letter of our last name.

Thank you for visiting, 

Anthony, Founder and CEO of Aezim LLC